About Solving for Pattern, in five parts:

Solving for Pattern is inspired by and named after the essay by Wendell Berry. Like Berry, I look for patterns. And like Berry, I’m all about the practice of systemic solving.

I approach S4P as an appreciative-critical-compassionate inquiry. That is, I write appreciatively about ideas, practices, and people that intrigue, inform, and inspire me. At the same time, I seek to maintain a critical stance — not critical for its own sake, but in service to better solving, and with compassion for the solvers.

My own passion is getting good at change and, to that end, S4P is about understanding change — purposeful change. I publish a patterned mix of opinion and curation, and I look for topics and approaches that are both salient to contemporary solving and little discussed elsewhere.

Especially salient, to my mind, are the following focus areas: theories of change, the search for affordances, practices of engagement, and ways of learning.

I come to this writing as a generalist and a practitioner; I draw from across know-what, know-how, and know-why; and I seek opportunities for bridging and integration. Particularly integrative, to my mind, are the fields of systems and design thinking and practice.

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  • Celina Adams 8 Jan 2018, 7:47 am

    I’m an RSF Fellow in Integrated Capital and stumbled upon your site after reading The Carbon Bubble piece included on our reading list. The work you’re writing about, the habit of thought you’re promoting- just fantastic. Thanks.

    • Howard Silverman 8 Jan 2018, 11:41 am

      Thanks, Celina — and thanks for the work you do.

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