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Richard Evans: Innovation in the arts

President of EmcArts Richard Evans’s perceptive October 2012 talk on innovation in the arts translates, in many respects, to just about any sector of the economy. I want to suggest that we are entering — and we’re pretty far into — a new era for the arts. …  The old era was structured for growth. [...]

Dynamic fluids and critical transitions

“I study the way shapes develop,” says Norwegian artist Tone Kristin Bjordam. “I work in a very measured way and plan everything in advance. But the fun and exciting part is what happens by chance.” Her movie Critical Transitions is a collaboration with ecologist Marten Scheffer, who also composed the music soundtrack. An October 2012 [...]

John Cage on multi-attentive meditation

Delightful 1982 audio interview with John Cage on Fresh Air: [TERRY] GROSS: What’s your attitude towards random sounds in your home? I’m thinking now about… [JOHN] CAGE: I just love them. GROSS: Uh-huh. Like apartments in Manhattan, which is probably the noisiest city in the world. CAGE: I live on – and 6th Avenue is [...]

Todd Gilens: Discourse on shade

What does the shade of understory *look like* from the point of view of a a sprouting plant? This question provides a starting point for the latest project by Todd Gilens. Called “Shade,” it’s on view through January 2013 as part of the Natural Discourse exhibition at the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden. Todd has created [...]