A conversation on “clearing”

Portland-based artist Dana Lynn Louis has a wonderfully immersive show called “clearing” at the Lewis & Clark Hoffman Gallery, on exhibit until December 14. On the afternoon of November 16, there will be an immersive conversation as well. Please join us for a facilitated dialogue on “clearing,” the subject of the 2014 Hoffman Gallery show [...]

Discussing change at NYU

This weekend I’ll be teaching at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). Here’s the syllabus (pdf) for the workshop, Getting Good at Change: Systemic Thinking and Practice.

Gregory Bateson, designer (slides)

I’ve been writing about design for a chapter in the SAGE Handbook of Action Research (3rd Edition, to be released next year). Design, that is, in the broad sense. Design as “plan[ning] for something new to happen,” per Nigel Cross’s 2011 book, or as “creat[ing] possibilities,” per Klaus Krippendorff’s 2007 paper. So when I recently [...]

Systems thinking and design praxis

Just looking again at the call for abstracts (due next week) to this fall’s symposium on Emerging Contexts for Systemic Design. “In re-examining the relationship of systems thinking to design we believe it possible for systems thinking and design praxis to develop the foundations for new, interrelated practices.” Symposium co-chairs are Birger Sevaldson of the [...]

Conference design: Modes of Explanation

The thoughtful preparation of Modes of Explanation (May 21-25 in Paris) sets a high bar for conference design: All participants will be required to submit either a video of their contribution or a full version of their paper at least three weeks in advance of the event. The videos will be published on line and [...]

Two opportunities for students of systems

Two opportunities for students of systems: Hull University Business School, home to Mike Jackson and Gerald Midgley, is offering PhD scholarships in “systems thinking, cybernetics, problem structuring and information systems” (described here and here, with applications here). Due January 11th. Sonoma State University’s Organization Development program, home to Debora Hammond, is hosting an Evolutionary Learning Lab, [...]

Clean Beaches Design Challenge

The nonprofit SOLVE and the Pacific Northwest College of Art Collaborative Design program are seeking creative and pragmatic ideas for tackling a perennial challenge: keeping Oregon’s beaches of free of marine debris, from micro-plastics to floating docks. The Clean Beaches Design Challenge offers up to $3,000 in prizes. Entries are due January 31, 2013. More [...]

Portland premiere of An Ecology of Mind

Portland premiere of An Ecology of Mind Post-film discussion with director Nora Bateson Thursday – November 1, 2012 – 7pm MercyCorps Aceh Community Room 28 SW First Ave FREE Sponsored by the PNCA Collaborative Design program, in conjunction with “Design with the Other 90%: Cities” exhibition, co-hosted by MercyCorps and Museum of Contemporary Craft Anthropologist [...]

Most popular articles on P&P

I did a Google Analytics look back at my old blog, People and Place. Here is a list of its all-time most viewed articles: Resilience Thinking (by Brian Walker) Six Habits of Highly Resilient Organizations (by Peter+Trudy Johnson-Lenz) Four Types of Goods Climate, Worldviews and Cultural Theory Collapse and Renewal (by Buzz Holling) Adaptive Cycle [...]

Portland climate forum

I’ll be speaking at the Climate Change Open Forum, next Saturday June 2nd at the Oregon Convention Center. “Let’s bring together people with divergent views on climate change,” says the website. With this forum in mind, I’m revisiting a post I wrote a couple of years ago, called: “What we talk about when we talk [...]