Conference design: Modes of Explanation

The thoughtful preparation of Modes of Explanation (May 21-25 in Paris) sets a high bar for conference design:

  • All participants will be required to submit either a video of their contribution or a full version of their paper at least three weeks in advance of the event.
  • The videos will be published on line and transcripts prepared.
  • All papers will similarly published and OCR’d.
  • Word clouds will be prepared of each presentation and of each paper designed to show at a glance what the contribution is about.
  • Contributions will be gathered into two hour discussion sessions where the panel of discussants are expected to have read and/or watched each other’s contributions.
  • Presentations in the sessions will be limited to 5 minutes each so as to maximize the time for interactive discussion.
  • All sessions will have their own Wiki site and will be recorded for transcription and future access.
  • Attendance at Modes of Explanation will be limited to 80 and discussions are expected to involve not more than two dozen participants each.

Bulleted format is mine; h/t Ray Ison

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