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Grappling with climate emotions

In recent media about climate change, a couple of voices and emotions linger with me. Here’s one, from a commenter on the June 3rd Diane Rehm show about new US policies on carbon dioxide emissions: “It’s frustrating that there is no answer on how much CO2 reduction is needed to halt global warming.” We don’t [...]

Communication across discourse communities

“What do nonscientists hear when scientists speak?” This question, posed by communications theorists James Weber and Charlotte Schell Word in a 2001 paper, highlights a critical contemporary concern. “Language,” as Gregory Bateson wrote, “commonly stresses only one side of any interaction.” And thus, as Weber and Word caution, “Scientists do not stand above the process [...]

Arthur Lupia: Formula for Credibility

Political scientist Arthur Lupia gave one of the keynote talks at the National Academy of Sciences colloquium on social science research in science communication. This part caught my attention (beginning at 23:50), which Lupia summarizes with the credibility formula above: The key thing to know about credibility is that it is domain specific and bestowed [...]