A conversation on “clearing”

Portland-based artist Dana Lynn Louis has a wonderfully immersive show called “clearing” at the Lewis & Clark Hoffman Gallery, on exhibit until December 14.

On the afternoon of November 16, there will be an immersive conversation as well.

Please join us for a facilitated dialogue on “clearing,” the subject of the 2014 Hoffman Gallery show by Dana Lynn Louis. This afternoon of conversation will feature a panel discussion with Ms. Louis, followed by small-group discussions in which you are invited to participate. Together, we will explore the varied meanings of clearing – as understood through our professional practices, through our personal experiences, and through our impressions of the artwork on exhibition.

In particular, we hope to trace links between art, social justice, and the natural environment.

Panelists include: Kathleen Maloney (legal consultant, American Society for the Positive Care of Children; professor in international criminal law, Lewis & Clark), Ethan Seltzer (professor in the School of Urban Studies and Planning, and interim director for the School of Art+Design, Portland State University), Howard Silverman (instructor in systems thinking, Pacific Northwest College of Art). The afternoon’s facilitator will be Tod Sloan (professor of counseling psychology, Lewis & Clark).

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