Portland premiere of An Ecology of Mind

Gregory BatesonPortland premiere of
An Ecology of Mind

Post-film discussion
with director Nora Bateson

Thursday – November 1, 2012 – 7pm
MercyCorps Aceh Community Room
28 SW First Ave

Sponsored by the PNCA Collaborative Design program, in conjunction with “Design with the Other 90%: Cities” exhibition, co-hosted by MercyCorps and Museum of Contemporary Craft

Anthropologist Gregory Bateson specialized in looking at things from multiple angles, says filmmaker Nora Bateson. In this award-winning film, she presents his intellectual legacy through the poetic and personal narrative of a father-daughter relationship. Footage includes Bateson’s own 1930s photography from Bali (his research with Margaret Mead), along with contemporary interviews.

More info on the film website. Here is the trailer:

My question: If one were to curate a design exhibition — a “Design with the Other 90%” follow-up, say — and one sought to observe Batesonian principles, what types of projects would one include?

Illustration by Shannon Wheeler

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