The whole-of-community action web

whole-of-community action webThe nebulous notion of sustainability begs for visual representation.

I collect favorites, and a few years ago I worked with designer Andrew Fuller to create a series of posters, “representations of sustainability,” for a show at Portland’s Sea Change gallery.

Yesterday’s post on Valerie Brown and the book Tackling Wicked Problems reminded me of this poster featuring her diagram: the whole-of-community action web.

From Brown’s book Leonardo’s Vision: A Guide to Collective Thinking and Action:

The potential for whole-of-community learning rests on a paradox. Any lasting change in any one community depends on matching transformation in the surrounding society. Any lasting change in the larger society depends upon transformational change in its constituent communities. …

The whole-of-community action web suggests six forms of connection are needed to hold communities together as they learn and change.

In the diagram, these six are: whole-of-community commitment, internal community integrity, inter-community partnerships, external community alliances, integrated forward planning, and future-directed action.

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