US Mayors’ Shareable Cities Resolution

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that The United States Conference of Mayors urges support for making cities more shareable by (1) encouraging a better understanding of the Sharing Economy and its benefits to both the public and private sectors by creating more robust and standardized methods for measuring its impacts in cities; (2) creating local task forces to review and address regulations that may hinder participants in the Sharing Economy and proposing revisions that ensure public protection as well; and (3) playing an active role in making appropriate publicly owned assets available for maximum utilization by the general public through proven sharing mechanisms.

Submitted by:
The Honorable Ed Lee, Mayor of San Francisco
The Honorable Michael A. Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia
The Honorable Antonio R. Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles
The Honorable Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago
The Honorable Francis G. Slay, Mayor of St Louis
The Honorable Jonathan Rothschild, Mayor of Tucson
The Honorable Charlie Hales, Mayor of Portland, OR
The Honorable Thomas M. Menino, Mayor of Boston
The Honorable Carolyn G. Goodman, Mayor of Las Vegas

H/t: Shareable and Collaborative Consumption. Full text pdf — see resolution #87.

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